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BIB Talks in May: Boeckx, Fedorenko, Jarvis, Samuels

We delighted to announce a series of talks at BIB for the month of May:

Cedric Boeckx – Molecular insights into human cognition
(May 10, 4pm. Sala de professors, 5th floor, Josep Carner Building)

Evelina Fedorenko – The human language system and its place within the architecture of the human mind and brain
(May 13, 12pm. Sala de professors, 5th floor, Josep Carner Building)

Erich Jarvis – Dissecting molecular mechanisms of vocal learning and spoken language
(May 26, 4pm. Aula Capella, Historic Building)

Bridget Samuels – Mouse devo for language evo
(May 30, 4pm. Room 2.6, 2nd floor, Josep Carner Building)

Everyone is welcome to attend (and advertise!)

BIB Talk by Cedric Boeckx March 1, 4pm

On March 1, Cedric Boeckx will give a talk entitled “The circumvoluted evolution of cognition: Speech as a case study”

Time 4pm; Place: Sala Gabriel Oliver; everyone welcome

Here is a brief description:
In this talk I’ll draw on recent work on the evolution of speech to reinforce a claim about the inadequacy of standard approaches to cognitive phylogenies made in Theofanopoulou and Boeckx (2015). The topic of protolanguage mentioned in that paper can be amplified by recent findings and reflections on vocal learning, and a stronger case can be made against dominant notions of ‘protolanguage’.

Talk by Ruth de Diego, Tue. Feb 16 @4pm

On Feb 16, Ruth de Diego (ICREA and member of the Cognition and Brain Plasticity Unit, Universitat de Barcelona) will give a talk [4pm, Sala Gabriel Oliver], entitled “Prediction and attention in language learning”

Here is a short abstract:

Speech is composed of sequences of syllables, words and phrases. These elements unfold in time in specific orders and with specific durations. Therefore, acquiring a language requires not only learning each of these representations but also the order that governs their combination. In this talk I will present novel behavioural, developmental and neuroimaging evidence indicating that learning non-adjacent dependencies in language is intimately related to the ability to predict forthcoming elements and to tune attention accordingly to their most likely moment of appearance.

Talk by A. Igualada, Tue Feb 2 @4pm

“Synchronous gesture-speech integration from infancy to childhood: relationship with language abilities”
Alfonso Igualada (Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)

Time: 4pm; Loc.: Sala Gabriel Oliver

Abstract: In this talk I will present four independent studies that aim to investigate whether gesture-speech temporal synchronicity plays a relevant role in language development at different points of development from infancy to childhood.

Recently in the headlines

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